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Painting update

Paintings started: 3

When people ask me what I do, I’m answering less with “eating bread and playing scrabble” and more with a description of the art that I’m making.

So far I’ve started 3 paintings. Chrysanthemums, Peonies and a Frida Kahlo portrait.

The chrysanthemums I photographed at a good friend’s wedding (other people’s weddings have saved me a fortune in flower purchases). The underpainting is coming along slowly but surely- I will admit to ringing the friend whose wedding these flowers came from and cursing her for choosing something with so many petals, but, she had that coming, right?

The peonies are the most recent addition- they are one of my favourites to paint. The petals have such a buttery texture to them which make them difficult and satisfying to capture on canvas. I have just about finished blocking in the colours and it's starting to take shape:

Lastly the Frida portrait: This started as a painting for me, which was a novel Idea: I’ve never painted something with the intention of keeping it before. My mum has since rang and called “dibs” though. We’ll see how that plays out!

Last year I had promised my mum one of my paintings. A birthday gift. Sometimes I feel like I’m still that child sending home pieces of art for birthdays and Christmases. Things have progressed a little from the macaroni necklaces and finger paintings that I made in kindergarten- but the sentiment is the same. Last year instead of choosing her favourite - my mum allowed me to put all of my work up for sale, and I was lucky that they all sold. Mum however missed out, so this time gets first pick.

My intention for this year with my paintings is varied. I have a few people in Australia who have expressed an interest in buying a painting- so I am planning on shipping a few paintings back to Melbourne. If this interests you- please get in touch and we can chat. I’m also keen to submit some work locally in NZ. In the Hokianga there are quite a few amazing galleries, so I plan on reaching out to them as soon as I have some work finished.

If you’ve got any gallery suggestions- places that you love going to, or where you think me and my work would be a good fit- I’d love to hear from you :)


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